SCACS is a non-profit association dedicated to providing the best education possible to its students of Cosmetology, Nail Technology and Esthetics. Founded in 1967, SCACS is composed of a group of school members whose representatives work together, sharing their many collective years of knowledge and experience for the betterment of the South Carolina beauty industry.


Objectives of the SC Association of Cosmotology Schools

Founded and incorporated in August, 1967, SCACS is a non-profit association that aims to conduct:

a) A year round student recruitment program to keep cosmetology school enrollments high to serve the needs of the industry.

b) A legislative program to promote beneficial legislation for the entire cosmetology industry and prevent harmful legislation to the industry.

c) An educational program to keep members and their staff informed of the latest developments in the teaching and practice of cosmetology.

d) To cooperate with various organizations to promote the best interests of the entire field of cosmetology.

e) A protective program to inform, guide, assist, and organize ways and means for the protection and well being of member schools that are unjustly accused of unfair practices or malicious alignments.

Licensed Cosmotologists and the SCACS

How can SCACS help the Licensed Cosmetologist, Nail Technologist or Esthetician?

The association provides annual Continuing Education classes hosted by different member schools throughout the state for cosmetologists, nail techs and estheticians. The SCACS website is also a tool to inform licensed professionals of upcoming events throughout the state and provide links to other sites that may be of interest and help to you.

Several of the association members provide Disciplinary classes for those that have been sanctioned by LLR for violations found during salon inspections. Generally, there is a time limit on when these classes must be taken.

Click on the "Classes for Professionals" link above to find a current list of the Continuing Education and Disciplinary classes approved by LLR to be offered by SCACS.


Information for owners of Cosmotology Schools in SC

How can SCACS help the School Owner or Director?

By becoming a member of the South Carolina Association of Cosmetology Schools, Inc., you and your school will have a voice,  Many changes have taken place in the beauty industry due to various political agendas.  Our own state has many proposed regulations that will have a definite impact on how our schools will operate.  All SCACS members work together, via this association, to influence positive changes in the beauty industry.  Your membership in this association helps to increase strength and meaning in your profession.  Click the "Join Now" link to the right and become a member today!  (you'd need to create the join now button, and I can attach the membership application that it would link to.) Have more questions?  See the "Contact Us" link above for how to contact our President and/or Secretary.

Instructor Information for the SC Association of Cosmotology Schools

How can SCACS help the Licensed Instructor?

The SCACS association members work together to provide an annual Continuing Education seminar that not only meets the basic requirements for license renewal, but provides you with so much more! Click on the "Classes for Instructors" link for more information on our next seminar.

Students - SC Association of Cosmotology Schools

How can SCACS help the Student, and Why should you enroll at a SCACS member school?

  • Private schools offer you more opportunities for professional development
  • Private school clinics are designed to simulate real salons
  • Training can be completed in less than a year, depending on your schedule
  • There are member schools throughout the state to choose from
  • Our schools are dedicated to providing the best education possible
  • We offer state competitions for students to compete in and receive recognition and personal satisfaction for their achievements
  • Our classes are designed to teach you everything from the basics to special techniques used by professional cosmetologists, all within an exciting and rewarding learning environment. Within a year, you will be well on your may to a new career!

Click on the "SCACS Schools" link to get contact information on schools in your area.
Click on the "Student Competitions" link for the latest information on the upcoming
competition or to view competition pictures!